We strive to achieve 100% satisfaction from our customers and guarantee significant improvements in English after just 3 months. Here’s what some of our students think of us!


I recommend, the place is nice, the teacher is very good and creative! A place that gives you the opportunity to study for some international english tests.

Carmen Ortega Asensio

Very very good teachers! It’s pleasure to go login to these courses

Juliette Guder

Best teacher ever !!! I really enjoyed the lessons , never boring and I’ve learned everything that I need to know today about English ! Such an amazing school!

Tamara Turóczi

This online school makes English language easier with absolutely gorgeous teachers.Thanks so much.

ภวันยา นามธรรม

Great School !!!!!


I’ve joined the online school for just 4 weeks in the IELTS preparation course and I found it brilliant. The teacher gives you the right tips to be prepared for the exam and every lesson is full of little games to help you memorise vocabulary and grammar. Plus, the price is one of the most competitive you can find anywhere! Highly recommended!!

Marta Messeri

Flexible hours and reasonable price in Central London! But the most important is the excellent quality of their teaching.Craig is a very competent, dynamic, creative and nice teacher. Not a teacher only. He is an actor when you can’t understand, he’ll show, sing and play to make it easier.Holley is very professional. After her lessons, your pronunciation will be perfect.

Natalia Chelaru

Absolutely amazing experience! if you need English class, don’t hesitate…do it!

Adrián Merida

I’ve spent 2 months at this online school. The teachers are awesome and especially their method.
My teacher helps me with grammar, pronunciation and speaking.
Thanks a lot for everything.
Enjoy this school and enjoy English!!
Greetings from Turin

Chiara Ferrante

It is a great place for english learners. Easy and enjoyable learning material through unique style of teaching…Matt (teacher) never lets you down by his excellent approach of teaching..

Narender Singh

We do various of things: speaking about actual problems of current life, examine interesting texts, learn grammar and of course have fun. Craig knocks literally English into our heads. I like Influential English Online School and our classes. The atmosphere here is favourable to studying. Our classmates are usually interesting and funny guys from all over the world. I enjoy my time here and confident that my results will be good.

Anna Pavlenko